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Welcome at the website of ¡Fiesta Cubana!

As you may have noticed this site is in Dutch, however it is very easy to find the information you need to know about the best timba party in The Netherlands. This page will help you to navigate through the site and get a taste of what  ¡Fiesta Cubana! is about.

This is a guide through the pages and the sort of information you will find on them:

  1. Opsommingstekenagenda: the dates of the coming parties, the ¡Fiesta Cubana! party takes place every first friday of the month - EXCEPT IN AUGUST: then there is no party because of the summer holidays

  2. Opsommingstekenimpressions: short videoclips so you can experience a real ¡Fiesta Cubana!

  3. OpsommingstekenTIMBA/salsa: here you will find a video-blog of what salsa music is according to ¡Fiesta Cubana! This will give you a great impression of what to expect on the party. You can browse through the different episodes and find the latest timba songs/video’s as well as classic tracks, in a mix of live recordings and videoclips. Highly recommended!

  4. Opsommingstekenphoto-archive: photo’s of the parties from the start in 2002 until today

  5. Opsommingstekendj Arno: info about the organiser and dj of ¡Fiesta Cubana! - not very helpful since this is text in Dutch only....

  6. Opsommingstekenlinks: a page with links to relevant websites about Cuban music or parties in and around Amsterdam

  7. Opsommingstekenadress and en route: how to find your way to the best Cuban party in Amsterdam

Before you explore this website any further, please take time to read this warning first!

Of course you are more than welcome to visit the party in the Mirror Centre.  Because after all, the best way to experience a ¡Fiesta Cubana! is to come over and party with us ;-)

You can be assured that you will feel at home straight away and easy make new friends to dance and have fun with. There is always a very good atmosphere combined with the very best music directly from Cuba.

If want to receive a monthly notice about the upcoming party (circa 10 and 3 days in advance) you can join our e-mail list by clicking here:

Hope to see you soon!!


Welcome at ¡Fiesta Cubana!